About us

CHUNGSOO TECHNOFIL produces cartridge filters for industrial liquid filtration. Our company has researched and produced cartridge filters for 16 years since its establishment, and we have a lot of experience in various industries that cartridge filters are used.

CHUNGSOO TECHNOFIL produces various products like depth type and membrane surface filters in its Korean factory. Our products are used in wide range of industrial group such as chemical, electric, electronic, food, beverage, pharmaceutical industries.

Our first export started in 1999 to Japan, and we are now exporting to more than 30 companies in 20 countries. And we are investing a lot in marketing for overseas market development. We are doing our best effort to develop more efficient cartridge filters.

Also, we are endeavoring to develop new type of products that each industrial group requires. We can provide the most proper filters through the understanding of actual problems that each industrial group faces. Customers’ Value- it is the utmost goal that CHUNGSOO TECHNOFIL considers most.